Quality & Safety

Commitment to Safety

Commitment to Safety

ACI has a strong commitment to health and safety and considers every phase of its operation of equal importance. We are affirming that commitment with OHSAS 18001:2007 Health and Safety registration. It is our policy to actively support and implement all possible measures to minimize the exposure of all employees to accidental injury and/or conditions that could adversely affect their health and safety. In order to protect both personnel and materials, safety is the overriding priority in all efforts and is not compromised under any circumstances. At ACI, we don’t just view safety as a program; we view it as a guiding principle.

How we ensure safety.

Our ultimate goal is to provide a safe and healthy, accident-free work environment for all team members. To meet this goal, we are committed to ongoing training as well as health and safety communication practices. ACI provides up-to-date safety information to all team members addressing key safety and health issues such as hazard communication, powered industrial truck safety, fall protection, electrical safety, lock-out/ tag-out, confined space, personal protective equipment, first aid, and emergency preparedness, to name a few. In addition, when ACI begins work at a new facility, our Safety Committee assesses safety concerns associated with specific job descriptions, facility restrictions, and contract requirements, in order to mitigate any potential health and/or safety hazards.

Safety awareness and performance are conditions of employment with ACI. All team members understand their role in providing a safe working environment and their commitment to maintaining safe work practices for the health and safety of those around them.