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Commitment to Quality

Commitment to Quality

In order to achieve total customer satisfaction and drive continuous improvement, ACI’s commitment to quality is underscored by ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System (QMS) registration. ISO is an internationally recognized quality management system standard driven by the Deming Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDA) cycle as the operating principle.

How we prove our commitment to quality.

Conformance to the ISO series principles assures development, implementation, monitoring and measuring of all functional processes. The ACI QMS contains both the prevention-based quality assurance and quality control activities to enhance our products and services. ACI integrates a comprehensive network of traditional and modern management techniques, applications, and training including Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, and Project Management Professional while operating to the dictates of customer deliverables to facilitate and strengthen:

  • Proactive engagement in deficiency prevention and corrections through increased surveillance;
  • Continuous improvement initiatives;
  • Innovative, efficient and effective project management,
  • Departmental competencies through increased training and skill demonstration;
  • Pride of process ownership through customer interaction; and
  • Overall customer satisfaction. All products and services provided by the team can be verified through subsequent monitoring and measuring and through the Improvement and Internal Audit Processes.

ACI’s management system is registered through National Quality Assurance (NQA).
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